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Rent a car in Thessaloniki and discover the food traditions

Thessaloniki is not only one of the largest cities in Greece, but it is also a very famous city in Europe, especially due to its amazing culture, which includes the cuisine. Getting to the city is very easy, since it is home for Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia”. Once you get to the city by plane, you can find a Car Hire Service in Thessaloniki Airport, which will make it possible for you to easily get to any destination around this city. However, regardless of the method you use to get to the city, you can always Rent a Car in Thessaloniki to make it easier for you to get to the destination of your choice.

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Thessaloniki was under Ottoman rule for approximately a century more than Southern Greece was, and this fact also had great influence on the culinary tastes, which uses a lot of the Eastern character. Spices are very important in Thessaloniki’s cuisine. Some of the most popular cuisine types that are specific to this city include “bougatsa”, which is a breakfast pastry and also “koulouri”, which is a snack.

bougatsa - koulouri

In what regards sweets, some of the most popular in the city are “armenovil ice-cream”, “roxakia” and “trigona”. As for coffee, the Thessalonian coffee that is most representative for the city is “frappe” coffee, which was invented in the city in 1957, at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

armenovil, roxakia, trigona, frappe
One of the most popular areas of the city in matter of cuisine is Ladadika borough, which contains plenty of tavernas, where visitors can serve the traditional meze, as well as other popular culinary delights specific to this city. Despite the fact that Thessaloniki has a rich cuisine, you can also find restaurants around the city which serve foods from other cuisines, as well such as for example Greek, Mediterranean, seafood, Italian, French and more.

Some of the most popular restaurants that you are recommended by other visitors to eat in when you are in Thessaloniki include the following:
–    Nea Diagonios Restaurant, where you can enjoy some of the tastiest Greek food in the city.
–    Rouga, which is one of the most appreciated tavernas in Thessaloniki and which offers local cuisine
–    Takadum, where visitors are served delicious Greek food and seafood, which they will enjoy in a nice and pleasant environment
–     The Kastro, which is a seafood tavern-ouzeri with meat, fish and traditional Greek meze plates (tidbits) to its visitors. Located in Ano Poli, next to the Castle.
–    Akadimia, which is a restaurant offering Greek food, Mediterranean and seafood and which is located in downtown, in the proximity to some of the main attractions in the city.
–    Full tou Meze, which is a traditional Greek Taverna offering a lot of “mezedes” (tidbits) and is located in Ladadika area.


Thessaloniki nightlife is very vivid. The list of great restaurants and tavernas that you can find across the city is huge and it is relatively easy for you to get to any of them, if you use a car rental in Thessaloniki. If you wish to make things easier for you, you can start by rent a car in Thessaloniki Airport and this way you’ll be able to quickly get anywhere you wish around the city.

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