Rent A Car Rhodes – Discover the beauties of the island

Rhodes Seen with a Rented Car
Rhodes is a very popular Greek island that you’ve probably heard about. It is famous mainly for the Colossus of Rhodes, a giant bronze statue, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Colossus of Rhodes

But Rhodes is a wonderful and interesting island beyond its Colossus and it is definitely worth visiting. It is obvious that if you Rent a car, Rhodes becomes easier to explore, as you will not only be able to see as many attractions as you wish, but also you will be able to follow your own schedule, without depending on others. In order to begin your vacation, you can find a car hire Rhodes airport service and get a car first, so that you can begin enjoying your vacation in a high-class car and with all the comfort you need on your way to the desired landscapes.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Rhodes

Pangosmio Rent A Car Rhodes

It is easy and affordable to rent a car in Rhodes and this was you can make sure you can see all the places you planned to visit on the island during your stay. As soon as you get on the island, you can begin your exploration, but you are recommended to start by making a car hire at Rhodes airport. You can find a variety of attractions on the island, from the famous beaches, which make the island more interesting and attractive for tourists, to historic buildings and sites, and even museums.

Kahal Shalom – Jewish Museum Rhodes

One of the attractions you would enjoy is the Kahal Shalom Synagogue, which is a Sephardic synagogue situated in the Jewish Neighborhood of the city of Rhodes. This is the oldest synagogue in Greece. It is known that Jews were present in Rhodes for 2300 years. The Kahal Shalom Synagogue was built in 1577 and it has been used since then. During the Second World War, there were four synagogues in La Juderia and Kahal Shalom Synagogue was the only one of them to survive the bombing of the war. Nowadays, there are still hosted services in the synagogue, but it also is used as the headquarters for the Jewish Museum of Rhodes.

Korakonero Subterranean Graves

Also worth visiting is the Korakonero’s Subterranean Grave Complexes, which is placed on the southeast of the town of Rhodes, exterior to the border of the very old city. The burial complexes are impressive due to their architecture, but it is not known whether they belonged to religious groups or wealthy families.

Epta Piges (means Seven Springs)

Another main point of interest in the surroundings of Rhodes is Epta Piges, which translated means the Seven Springs. Due to its natural beauty, the area provides a unique experience to its visitors.

The Valley of Butterflies

On the western side of Rhodes, you can admire the Valley of the Butterflies. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful attractions on the island of Rhodes.

Monte Smith – Acropolis of Rhodes

Monte Smith is the site where lies Acropolis of the Ancient Rhodes. It is a beautiful, green park, which contains a Hellenistic stadium that was built in the 3rd century.

Rhodes also contains a rich list of beaches, one more beautiful and attractive than the other. Some of the most important beaches on the island are: Lindos, Kolymbia, Afandou, Ixia, Faliraki, Lardos, Ladiko Bay, but there are also others.

If you plan your vacation wisely, you will be able to see more of these attractions and also others, as Rhodes is a very interesting and wonderful Greek island. You have plenty of things to see and to do on the island, so you would need to rent a car to allow you easily move from a destination to another on the island.

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