Rent a Car Kefalonia – Enjoy your Holidays

Rent a Car in Kefalonia and Explore this Mesmerizing Greek Island
Kefalonia is the largest Ionian island of Greece, offering loads of activities for the tourists. The place is a popular destination for the tourists as it offers vast mountain ranges, mystic forests, rich wildlife, historic and cultural heritage and exotic beaches. Hence, it is a truly a place which can accommodate all kinds of tourists, having different or diversified interests. As it is one of the biggest Ionian islands of Europe, a visit of at least 10-12 days is required for exploring the island at the fullest. For easy accessing to several parts of the island, rent a car Kefalonia has been often suggested to the tourists.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Kefalonia Airport

Pangosmio Rent A Car Kefalonia Airport

To access the island, the only possible way is reaching the island through the air. It has only one airport, which is named after the island’s name – Kefalonia International Airport. Car hire Kefalonia Airport options are available for the tourists. From budget car hire to luxury car rental – one could get all kinds of options according to his or her needs as well as budget. The airport is very closely located in the capital town of the island.

Argostoli is the political and cultural capital of this island and from this town the other major tourist spots can be accessed with ease.


Kefalonia is a fun island, located far away from the hustles and bustles of daily urban life, offering peaceful aura to the travelers. A short trip to the mountain ranges of the island, covered with complete greenery, would be a rejuvenating experience. The picturesque mountain ranges and its wild inhabitants are the prime attractions for the tourists. Short trekking or hiking can be real fun and the best way of getting closer to the nature, exploring the amazing unspoilt natural surroundings.

Mount Ainos (or Enos) is the tallest peak of the island, known as a hiker’s paradise.

Mount Ainos

The southern base of Mount Ainos is still a virgin place, becoming the hottest new tourist attraction on Kefalonia Island. The glimpse of mountain ranges, especially the tallest peak, Mt Ainos on one side and the breathtaking view of the sandy golden beaches on the other side, make this place worth to be visited. If you are an adventure lover, then consider this place as the most gifted place for you. You have several beach adventure activities as well as hiking or trekking adventures in offering from this southern base of Mount Ainos.

There are several beautiful beaches on Kefalonia Island. Myrtos is one of the most famous beaches of this island, offering exquisite natural views.

Myrtos Beach

There are a lot of accommodation options available on the island. One can simply spend a few days of leisure on this green island, enjoying the vast golden sands, kissing the blue water. For adventure freaks, a lot of activities are in offering, starting from underwater diving, snorkeling and other unique water sports. Before trying these adventurous activities, make sure that you are equipped with all safety gears. Also, follow the guidelines of the instructors precisely to avoid any sorts of mishaps.

Food – Drinks – Accommodation
Seafoods in the beach areas are a must try for the tourists. The mouth littering Mediterranean sea foods will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Fresh Fish

All sorts of drinks are available in the local pubs and liquor shops. Trying out local wines or some exotic cocktails would a great experience. For accommodation, there are several budget as well as luxury hotels present, offering cozy accommodation to the travelers. As a tourist, you must book your accommodation, as well as car rental services and air tickets in advance to avoid any sorts of hassles. So, make your holidays special amidst the amazing natural surroundings of Kefalonia Island.

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