Rent A Car in Rhodes for Xmas holidays

Rent A Car in Rhodes and Celebrate the Most Memorable Christmas.

Have you thought about visiting the Rhodes Island of Greece? Enjoy a charming European Christmas holiday trip amidst this mesmerizing Greek island. As the Christmas is knocking the doors, church bells have started ringing – it is the best occasion to pack bags and getting ready for a memorable trip of a lifetime. What should be the perfect place for this Christmas? Rhodes Island is a historic island, molded with the essence of the medieval period. The Gothic architecture of the city will surely take you to a joyride in the glorious past of Greek history. The best possible way of visiting this place is by opting for rent a car Rhodes services.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Rhodes

Pangosmio Rent A Car Rhodes

Rhodes Island of Greece hosts a modern airport, which is named as Diagoras International Airport. The Airport is the best place to look for a car hire service as plenty of rent a car Rhodes airport options are available there. The place unleashes a lot of things in offering for the tourists. Endless fun activities are there for containing almost all kinds of travelers. Whether you are visiting the place with your kids and family or you have chosen to visit the place with friends, consider this place as a complete bliss to make your trip memorable.

The medieval city of Rhodes

The medieval city of Rhodes

Christmas is the biggest event in Europe so as in Greece. Rhodes Island turns into a place of the carnival during Christmas time. The old city churches get finished with snowflakes, Christmas bells, etc. A lot of events are also held in the churches during the Christmas time. The cultural and religious events are worth to be visited. However, apart from that, there are several fun and enjoyment stuffs are in the offering and here is a list of those activities for you.

The official celebration of the Christmas ceremony is arranged exclusively for the tourists. As tourism is the most prominent sector of this place and the main pillar of the economy for the local people, the official celebrations have been arranged to contain the tourists within this auspicious time of the year. The celebrations are held throughout the month of December. Colorful decorations all around the corners of the city of Rhodes can be observed. Cultural shows or events are performed by the local people. It is indeed a unique opportunity for the tourists to enjoy the Greek culture. Eminent musicians or artists also perform and drive the visitors to a complete jovial ride.

RODA Train

The "RODA" train

The “RODA” train

A special train, named as RODA train exclusively runs during the months of Christmas. The train runs on daily basis, with loads of features and facilities in offering for the tourists. The train route is an exquisite route through the most scenic surroundings of the nature. Visitors can book a round trip in RODA train for a day’s fun. Tasty meals, unique local delicacies are offered to the boarders. It is a heritage train, furnished with royal Greek furniture that give a feeling of the medieval period. If you are visiting Rhodes Island during the Christmas time, then boarding on this train should not be missed out. Tickets may not be available if you are late to book them, thus advanced ticket booking is suggested.

Christmas Foods
The restaurants offer unique foodstuffs during the Christmas time. The restaurants of Rhodes city are considered as the best destinations for tasting the local delicacies. Traditional Greek foods are served with exquisite garnishments.



Melomakarona is a famous cookie, which is available during the Christmas time in the city of Rhodes. Apart from these, famous local cakes and pastries are good enough to satisfy your taste buds. So, enjoy the spirit of carnival – be a part of a memorable and most celebrated Christmas celebration of the world!

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