Rent A Car and Exlore Corfu

Get Car hire in Corfu and discover the features of the Island

Corfu (aka Kerkyra for the Greeks) is an Island of Greece. It is supposed to be best place for visiting purpose. It is located in the Ionian Sea which adds more beauties to this Island. Among the Ionian Islands, Corfu is considered to be the second biggest island of all the cluster of islands. To discover the beauties of Corfu, you need to get Car hire Corfu services. It is highly advanced territory and offers you the opportunity to see how the winds move in the waters.

Your visit to this island would begin from reaching at the airport. Territorially, Corfu is literally big and for roaming around the city, you need to rent a car at Corfu Airport.

Pangosmio Rent A Car, Corfu

Pangosmio Rent A Car Corfu

Pangosmio rent a car offers you cheap prices to visit the island. It helps you in wandering in all parts of the island. Since, you are intending to visit different ideal locations without having proper route understanding, it would be a suitable choice for you to avail the opportunity being offered by this rent a car company.

There are plenty of tour attractions where people love to go on holidays. Among them, the Achilleion of Corfu is considered to be one of highest visited place of the city. Basically, Achilleion had been founded by a prince of Germany and it is the place where most of the historical things exist.

This place has a big role in the history. It is said that during the time of World War II, this place was being used as a hospital and all the injured soldiers of France were being treated at this place. Achilleion today is being controlled by Hellenic tourist organization.

Mount Pantokrator

Besides, there is a famous mount knows as Mount Pantokrator (meaning “Ruler of All”). This mountain is located at the northern area of Corfu and supposed to be the highest mountain in the whole island. Once you reach at the top of the mountain, you could easily take a bird eye view of the entire Corfu. It is the height of this mountain which also helps you in clearly viewing the territory of Italy. Owing to increasing number of people visits, there has been made a tourist café on the top of the mountain. Yes, there is also telecommunications existence at such a big height. Once you look at the east side from this mountain, you would happen to see Albania clearly or with cameras.

Mon Repos Villa in Corfu

Apart from this, there is a big villa known as Mon Repos, lying south of Corfu Town, in the forest of Palaiopolis. This villa was the residential house of commissioner of 18th century and worth visiting site of Corfu. It stands with original condition and has the same royal touchy appearance. There is a garden at the front side of the building where most of the inhabitants used to walk during the summer.

The Museum of Asian Art

Not only this, there is a place known as Museum of Asian Art in Corfu. This museum has collectables of Japanese, Chinese, Indian and south Indian cultures. It has preserved many historical items of Asia and supposed to be only Asian museum throughout Greece. It was founded in 1928 under the name of Sino Japanese Museum and all the Korean and Japanese artifacts had been purchased under an auction by Ambassador of Greece. It was he who collected, categorized and compiled all the historical items by himself and preserved them in this glorious museum. It is said that there are about 11 thousand different objects which can be seen after paying an entrance fee to this site.

Corfu is one of the greatest places for trip oriented people. This place has enormous beauties in terms of natural and historic.

Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu

Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu

The beaches of Corfu are just fantastic! Clear blue waters and a landscape full of trees. Kavos beach, Avlaki, Kerassia, Sidari, Issos, Benitses, Dassia, Paleokastritsa, Agni, Glyfada, to name a few that worth your visit.
Hence, for exploring the features of this island, you need to hire or rent a car so that you may enjoy your tour timely and perfectly.


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