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Rent a car in Lesvos and Explore the Culinary Traditions of Mytilene

Lesvos is the third largest island of Greece and it is also famous mainly for its capital city, Mytilini, which is one of the main tourist destinations of this island. You can get to the island by plane, which is possible due to the Mytilene International Airport, also known as the Odysseas Elytis, and which is one of the airports that ensure your access to this Greek island. Getting to the island is relatively easy and then it is also easy to get to any place on the island, as you can find some services for car hire in Lesvos Airport, to ensure a quick access to any desired destination on this island. As soon as you get on the island, you can rent a car in Lesvos, so that you make it easier to get to any place of your choice.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Lesvos

Pangosmio Rent A Car Lesvos

One of the first things that probably trigger the attention and interest of tourists in Lesvos is the cuisine, which is based on Greek cuisine and which is easy to find in most of the Mytilene restaurants and tavernas that can be found spread across this beautiful island. Lesvos is one of the most representative places for Greek cuisine, especially based on Aegean gastronomy. There are plenty of specialties in Lesvos and you can easily find some traditional foods to enjoy in most of the restaurants spread across this beautiful island. Of course, as soon as you get on the island, you are recommended to sample the Lesvos cuisine, which is probably also one of the first things you wish to do. However, if you prefer eating food from other cuisines, it is also possible, as you can easily find restaurants and other places that offer various food types from the international cuisine.

Here you can see some of the most recommended restaurants of Lesvos, where you can enjoy some of the most delicious Greek food that is specific to this island:
Sarandos Restaurant – this is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Anaxos
Medusa Fish Tavern – which is one of the best restaurants located in Skala Kallonis and which offers delicious seafood, along with great service
Restaurant Thalassa – which is located in Petra and offers excellent Greek cuisine and awaits its visitors in a friendly environment
Restaurant Christos – this is a restaurant situated in Petra Lesvos and offering amazing Greek food
Vafios Taverna – which is a restaurant located in Molyvos and which offers traditional Lesvos food and great service
Paramithi Ouzeri – located on Right Jetty Road, Mytilini. The ideal place for sea-food tit bits, Greek salads and of course for ouzo drink, the famous aperitif of Lesvos. Don’t miss to taste the famous sardines of Kalloni.

Greece is mainly appreciated for its tasty cuisine and it is thus needless to say that Lesvos is also one of the most appreciated islands in matter of cuisine. You can find some great restaurants and tavernas across this island and in order to make it easy to get to any desired spot and enjoy Lesvos nightlife, you are most recommended to hire a car in Lesvos, which you can do as soon as you get on the island by plane, as you can find a car rental in Lesvos Airport.

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