Lesvos Rent A Car and Explore the Island

Rent a Car in Lesvos and Enjoy this Fascinating Greek Island
Lesvos (or Lesbos, or Mytilini) is a North Eastern Aegean Sea island, located near the Turkish coast and offering serene picturesque of nature. It’s the third largest Greek Island.

Mytilene aerial view

It is a famous tourist spot in Europe, which is also known as the birthplace of numerous Greek poets and writers (like Odysseas Elytis, who was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1979). If you are planning to visit Greece, then consider Lesvos as the unique spot to be visited for extracting the antiquity of Greek culture as well as heritage. But, before packing your bags, consider reading this article to know a little about the place. To start with, it has to be stated that the place can only be visited seamlessly if you opt for a good Lesvos rent a car service.

How to Reach Lesvos
To reach this island through the air, one has to board on the schedules planes from the major airports of Europe. The island features an international airport, that services both Domestic and International flights. The airport is named as Mytilene International Airport (or Odysseas Elytis) and through this airport all major destinations or cities of Europe can be accessed. Visitors have to opt for the rent a car Lesvos Airport service in order to access the salient major tourist destinations within the island. Reaching this island is easy and most of the visitors opt for the air services. It is cheaper as well as lesser time consuming.

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However, if you are ready to spend some extra bucks and want a different route to reach this island, then passenger ships, boat or yacht or cruise services are there to transfer you to this island. Obviously, a trip on cruise will be a bit time consuming, though it is one of the most sophisticated ways of touring of this Greek Island. Loads of royal cruise services are there, offering fully furnished coops to the boarders, featuring optimal cruising activities.

Towns and Villages
Lesvos City (Mytilene) is the capital of the Lesvos Island, offering easy going and peaceful city life.

Mytilene Waterfront

There are no major industries except the tourism and that is why city life of Lesvos is different from the other materialistic urban lives. This small town has a few important landmarks, including churches, temples and monasteries at the outskirt, governor’s house, city museum, etc. The city center remains crowded throughout the day as tourists prefer staying in this part of the city mostly. All major shopping destinations, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs can be found closely attached to the city center. Local shops offer souvenirs and plenty of other local products to the tourists at a comprehensive price.

Some of the villages you may visit are:
Plomari, Agiassos, Molyvos (the ancient Mythimna), Kalloni, Sigri, Petra, Sykaminia, Eressos.

Ouzo and Wines
The place is famous for the production of the Greek liquor “ouzo”. Ouzo is a tasteful aperitif and it’s accompanied with an octopus or shrimp on charcoal, Greek salad and other salty tidbits (meze in Greek).

Ouzo with “meze”

You must taste this great liquor, but be careful… don’t drink it too fast or you are going to get drunk! Usually this classic Greek drink is served with ice or water (50-50) as it contains 96% of alcohol volume. With added water, it’s getting a white color. Very well-known brands are the Ouzo Barbayanni, Ouzo Plomari, Ouzo 12, Ouzo Mini.

The place is also famous for the wine production. Organic wine is also produced in the farmhouses of the local villages. There are a few villages that surround the city of Lesvos uniformly. Each of these villages is known as tourist hubs, offering the rural charm to the tourists. The villagers are quite friendly and tourists can easily mingle with them. Learning their culture and lifestyle would be a refreshing activity. The villages can be accessed through a short drive from the city center.

Things to Do in Lesvos
Explore the Beaches – There a lot of beaches for the tourists, offering the perfect ambience to relish beach activities. Visit the beaches of Skala Kallonis, Skala Eressou, Petra, Agios Isidoros, Agios Ermogenis, Anaxos, Mytilene beach, Sigri beach.

The climate remains quite soothing during daytime for sunbathing or swimming. Travelers can also enjoy adventure activities, beach sports, etc. on the sea beaches.

Local Foods

Liokafta and Salted Anchovies of Kalloni

Trying out the local foods is a must do activity, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. Taste fresh fish on charcoal, Liokafta – means roasted in the sun – and they are mackerel or tuna fish (the fisherman’s favorite dish), aubergine balls, mushroom balls, the famous Greek salad and of course the unique taste of the Kalloni salted sardines.

Safety Tips
The island is a safe haven for the tourists. Respect the culture of the local people and mingle  them with open minds. Never take any snaps of the military base camps.

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