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Cheap Car Rental in Lesvos – Rent A Car and see all the attractions of Mytilene.
Lesvos is the third largest island of Greece. It is a wonderful and very special island, impressive due to its breathtaking landscapes. Lesvos is known for its astonishing beaches, traditional villages, rich fauna and flora, medieval castles, museums, and other attractions. The mild Mediterranean climate makes it the perfect place for a vacation. You can always opt for a Lesvos car rental to easily move along the island from one attraction to another. You will definitely be amazed by this stunningly beautiful destination, but you might prefer to rent a car in Lesvos to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

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Pangosmio Rent A Car Lesvos

When you rent a car in Lesvos, it will be easier to visit and you can enjoy as many of its attractions as you wish, as you will get the opportunity to see all the places you planned to see by being independent with your own means of transportation. You can make your own exploring schedule and you can visit any of the attractions you find interesting, as long as you own a rented car.

The list of attractions in Lesvos is rich and contains places like museums, castles, ancient sites, traditional villages and, of course, beaches.

The Petrified Forest

One of the most important attractions in Lesvos is the Petrified Forest, which is the oldest antiquity on the island. It is made of pieces of petrified wood and the forest is estimated to be about twenty million years old. It is thought that the forest has been preserved as a result of the volcanic ash from nearby Mount Ordymnos, which covered the forest.

The Castle of Mytilene

The Castle of Mytilene is one of the largest castles in the eastern Mediterranean. It has been built on the ruins of an older fortification. It has underground tunnels, which cover a huge area beneath the castle and the hill it is built on.

Lesvos is rich in regards to museums, as almost every village on the island owns a museum.

The Archaeological Museum of Mytilene

The Archaeological Museum of Mytilene is housed in a traditional mansion, situated near the harbor in Mytilini. It consists of two halls, which contain exhibited examples of prehistoric ceramics and clay figurines representative for the Early Helladic settlement of Thermi.

The Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Mytilene

On the ground floor of the Philanthropic Foundation of Mytilini, is situated the Ecclesiastical-Byzantine Museum (http://www.ebmm.gr/home_en.php) and it contains different sacred and important icons, as well as a variety of holy relics.

In Lesvos, there is a large variety of beaches that you can choose from. Here is a list of some of the beaches that you would enjoy visiting:

Antissa Village

Antissa, is a traditional village which contains rocky and shallow beaches that are surrounded by farms and green fields. You can find taverns there, where you can eat fresh fish and enjoy a cold beer after.

Gavathas Beach

Gavathas beach, below Antissa, which is a sandy beach with clear waters.

Skala Kallonis

Skala Kallonis, which contains several beaches with cafes and restaurants.

Skala Eressos

Skala Eressos, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lesvos and it provides its visitors with a variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as plenty of activities to do.

Vatera Beach

Vatera is one of the largest beaches in Greece and it is also a very spectacular one. It is 8 km long and about 30-50 meters wide. It offers a crystal-clear water, which makes it perfect for swimming.

The list of attractions in Lesvos does not stop here, as it has plenty of other places you can visit and enjoy. But whenever you wish to visit the island, remember it is better for you if you find a Lesvos car rental first.

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