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Rent a Car in Kefalonia and Explore Entertainment Spots

So you’re planning a wonderful vacation to Greece and you are thinking about choosing Kefalonia as your destination. This is a good choice, since Kefalonia is a wonderful island, actually it is the largest of the Ionian Islands situated in western Greece and thus it is filled with plenty of attractions to enjoy. Getting to Kefalonia is easy, since it is served by the Kefalonia Island International Airport. Once you get there by plane, you are recommended to hire a car at Kefalonia Airport, so that you can make your access easier for the entire island. As soon as you rent a car in Kefalonia, you are ready to go to any location on the island that you wish to reach.

Pangosmio Rent A Car,Kefalonia

Pangosmio Rent A Car, Kefalonia

Although the nightlife in Kefalonia is not as vibrant as in other parts of Greece, there are still some amazing bars and clubs where you can spend your nights and enjoy some nice music. As you can probably imagine, a better nightlife on the island is to be found in Argostoli, which is the capital city of Kefalonia, but there are also some nice places to enjoy in other locations across the island. Also, if you visit the island during summer, there are more things to enjoy in matter of entertainment and clubs, as there are more locations opened during the summer.

Some of the most recommended places that you could visit during your vacation to Kefalonia include the following, which are recommended by locals or visitors who enjoyed their time in these places:

  • Akri Seaside Bar – which is located in Skala and is a place where you can enjoy some amazing time and good drinks
  • Logos Grand View – this is a cocktail bar situated in Lassi, and it offers free Wi-Fi and spectacular views to enjoy while sipping your drink
  • Aquarius Bar – this is a bar located in Argostoli and it offers a perfect place to enjoy your drinks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Captain’s Bar – this is another bar situated in Skala and it is especially appreciated for its friendly atmosphere and its various cocktails available
  • Astra Cocktail Bar – which is located in Lourdas and offers great views of the Ionian Sea and of Zakynthos
  • Beach Bar Mojito – this is a nice beach bar and club situated in Sami, Antisamos beach.
  • Costa Costa Beach Bar – which is located in Makris Gialos, Lassi and offers non-stop music and happenings day and night!
  • Veto Bar – which is located in Skala and offers a wide variety of cocktail drinks


Kefalonia is a great island and thus it has plenty of wonderful places that you can visit across the island. In order to make it possible for you to easily get from a desired location to another across this island, you can start by finding a service to rent a car in Kefalonia Airport. Once you rent a car in Kefalonia, you are free to start your unforgettable vacation on this beautiful island.

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