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Rent a car in Kalamata and explore the local cuisine

When visiting a foreign destination, one of the first things you would basically wish to explore is the local cuisine. This is especially recommended when you visit such an amazing destination as Kalamata, Greece. Reaching the city is relatively easy, as it is served by the Kalamata International Airport, where you also have the chance to rent a car in Kalamata Airport, to provide you with easy access to any location that you wish to get to. Once you get to the desired destination – which is, of course, Kalamata, you’ll be able to start your exciting Greek experience, which you can also make better by using a car rental in Kalamata to allow you to quickly get from a desired location to another across this city.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Kalamata

Pangosmio Rent A Car Kalamata

Kalamata cuisine is actually based on Greek cuisine. Some of the most important local specialties in matter of cuisine include the Kalamata olive oil, Kalamata olives, lalagia, diples and pasteli. However, these are only some of the most famous specialties, but the Kalamata cuisine is inspired from the Peloponnese cuisine, which is reach and is ready to cater to the preferences of even the most sophisticated gourmets.

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Once you get to Kalamata, you will definitely need to find some of the best places where you will eat during your stay. Of course, you will find various restaurants and venues where specialty dishes are served, but along with Greek dishes, you will also be able to find international dishes served in plenty of restaurants across Kalamata. Here you can see some of the most popular places to eat in the city, as recommended by people who already ate there:

Elia & Dyosmos Restaurant, 16 Posidonos Str., Kalamata Marina – this is one of the most appreciated restaurants in the city, where you can opt for Greek food as well as Italian food. This restaurant is not only recommended for its delicious food, but also for its exceptional service.
Ta Rolla Taverna, 53 Spartis Str., Kalamata City – this is another famous tavern-restaurant, where visitors are welcome with traditional Greek food, which is cooked using fresh ingredients.
Luna Lounge, 23 Aristomenous Str., Kalamata City – is a great place to enjoy international dishes cooked using locally provided products. The atmosphere is amazing in this restaurant, which awaits its customers not only for lunch or dinner, but also for night entertainment.
Da Francesco, 14 Posidonos Str., Kalamata Marina – if you can’t live without Italian food and Pizza, then this is definitely the right place to choose for your meals, as it only serves this type of cuisine.
Kastraki Meteoro Café-Bar-Restaurant, located in Verga, on the way to Aeropolis – this is an amazing place to go to, as it offers various cuisines, excellent service and splendid views of the city.
Dioskouri Taverna, located in Kardamili, a seaside village 35 km SE of Kalamata, on the way to Aeropolis. This is a typical Greek Taverna with delicious dishes and nice view of Kardamili little port.


For a perfect vacation spent in Kalamata, you will definitely enjoy to rent a car in Kalamata, as this way, you’ll be able to quickly go from a place to another, thus having enough time to enjoy all of the beautiful views that this city has to offer to its visitors. Remember, if you get to this city by plane, you can immediately find a reliable car rental in Kalamata Airport, thus starting your vacation in the right manner.

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