Kalamata Car Hire and Sightseeing

Rent a Car to Admire the Beauty of Kalamata
Kalamata is the second most populous city of the Peloponnese peninsula, situated in southern Greece. It lies to the west of Mt Taygetos, along the Nedon river, at the head of the Messenian Gulf.

Kalamata Central Square

The city provides numerous historical and cultural sights that attract tourists to it. From the point you get in the city, your adventure begins and you should start by using car hire Kalamata Airport service, to get an affordable and high-class car that will take you to all the attractions you wish to visit in the city.

Using Kalamata car hire will help you save time for visiting more attractions than you would if you had to use the transportation means offered by the city.

Pangosmio Car Hire Kalamata

Pangosmio Car Hire Kalamata

You can find a service of Car hire at Kalamata Airport, where you can also get more information about the attractions you wish to see in the city. There are plenty of places you can visit and things you can do, and having a rented car will help you fully enjoy your vacation in Kalamata.
Some of the attractions in Kalamata are:
The Villehardouin Castle
The Ypapandi Byzantine Church
The Folk Art Museum
The Port of Kalamata and the Marina
The Railway Park of Kalamata

The Byzantine Church of Ypapandi

The Ypapandi Byzantine Church was built between 1860 and 1873. It was affected by the 1986 earthquake, but it was restored.

The Villehardouin Castle

The Villehardouin Castle is situated above the Kalamata city and you may have your refreshments served there and enjoy the view of the city.
The Kalamata Folk Art Museum is an impressive museum, which exhibits different items from the Stone Age to the Venetian times, and the Greek War of Independence.

The Temple of Apollo Epicurius

The Temple of Apollo Epicurius (Apollo the helper) at Bassae (80 km north of Kalamata) is a very well preserved Temple, constructed between 450 to 400 BC.

Kalamata provides 4 km long seaside, where people can enjoy swimming in the amazing, clear waters and also benefit from the marvelous beaches. Along the seaside of Kalamata, there is a variety of cafeterias, bars, restaurants, tavernas, and clubs.

The Marina of Kalamata

The Port of Kalamata and the Marina is also a place worth visiting in the area, not only for its beauty, but also for the services and facilities it provides.

The beauty of the city is enhanced by the surrounding areas, which can also be easily reached as long as you use a Kalamata car hire service.

You could visit the beaches at Verga, which are located 8 km East, Mikri Mandineia, situated 10 km South-East, Avia, which is 12 km South-East or Kitries, which is located 17 km South East. All of these locations have developed massively in the last years and they became resorts, which provide important facilities for tourists, as well as an intense nightlife.

Kalamata Olive Oil and Olives

Kalamata is also known for its high quality olive oil and olives.

Greek Salad and Moussaka

So once you’ve arrived in the city, you would not want to miss tasting the traditional Greek salad and cooked food, which you can eat in any of the restaurants in Kalamata.

The city provides a variety of attractions and things to do for everyone and you will enjoy this city from any point of view. The numerous historical sites and museums, the wonderful landscapes, and the amazing surroundings of the city offer you the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation.

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