Explore Rhodes by car

Rent a Car in Rhodes and Discover this marvelous Greek Island
Rhodes (Rodos) is one of the famous and cosmopolitan Greek islands, known as a charming tourist spot with great historic significance. In the ancient world, the island was a major controller of the economy of a large portion of Europe. Gradually, it has also become one of the important economic hubs of Greece. Now, the island boasts of its cultural and historic significance – presently it is a popular tourist destination, where tourists may find a lot of leisure activities to spend their holidays with optimal glee. This is one of the largest Dodecanese islands of Greece and thus rent a car in Rhodes is the best option to explore the island at the fullest. The roads of this island are very soothing for short or long drives and the scenic beauty or natural surroundings will surely drive you into the fantasy lands.
The economy of the whole island is geared towards the tourism sector. It is the most prominent industry in this island as there is not much scope for other sources of industries.

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Pangosmio Car Hire Rhodes

The island boasts of having an airport, which is furnished with all modern facilities and acts as a transit point for the travelers to reach this island. Rhodes can be reached by air and by sea. From the port or from the airport, one can be facilitated with car hire services. Different kinds of car hire services are in an offering, starting from budget cars to high end luxury sedans. Car hire at Rhodes Airport is a must do activity for those, who are planning to explore different segments of this island. Along with amazing city life, several virgin lands or beaches are there for exploration. A visit of 10 to 12 days would be good enough for exploring different fun activities and different places of Rhodes island.

Rhodes (Rodos) Town

The city of Rhodes (Rodos Town) was built in ancient times, around 400 B.C. The city is a typical Greek city, unleashing essence of the Greek history, culture and heritage. Though, due to the earthquake, the city has faced major damages, but with the enthusiasm of the local people, it is right back in shape within a few years. The city offers all modern facilities, like luxurious hotels, amazing restaurants, popular bars and nightclubs, etc.

Knights Street Rhodes Old Town

On the other hand, the historic Gothic architect of the city makes it quite a unique place. It is a perfect blend of history and modernity – a place that is worth to be enjoyed with its special cultural and historic essences. A lot of popular landmarks are there to be explored within the city of Rhodes.

A day’s trip via car will be enough to visit all important landmarks within the city of Rhodes.

Lindos is one of the most popular seaside villages of the island, where most of the tourists prefer to stay. Lindos is surrounded with a few medieval villages. A trip to the villages would be an amazing opportunity for the travelers to explore the cultural essence of these old medieval villages. In villages, one can find different leisure activities, including spa, fishing activities in the lakes, enjoy mingling with the local people, etc. Some important mountain villages are also there to be explored.Such villages are Agios Isidoros, Monolithos, Embonas, Psinthos and many more.

Rhodes Beaches
The beaches are the best attractions of this island.

Lusty blue water and white sandy beaches are perfect for leisure, beach sports and many other adventurous activities. The pubs and nightclubs are must visit for those, who is looking forward to tasting the urban charm of the island. It is a safe haven for the tourists and thus one can enjoy the place even till late night. Amazing liquors and delicious Greek food dishes will surely drive you into the joy land.

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