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Car Hire Kalamata – Rent A Car and explore Kalamata Municipality
Kalamata is the Messinian capital, a famous Greek city, blessed with a lot of tourist spots. The city offers a leisure ambience to the tourists. It has strong historic significance as well as cultural exquisiteness. The glimpse of the crystal blue water of Messinian bay from this city is the most attractive part. To visit the city and to explore the surrounding outskirts of the city, it is important to opt for a car hire Kalamata service.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Kalamata

Pangosmio Rent A Car Kalamata

The Kalamata International Airport is the gateway to enter this city. From the airport, one can easily avail a car of his own choice. When it comes to car hire at Kalamata Airport, plenty of choices are there for the visitors. The local transport service is also quite good. Taxis and buses are available to get transferred to different locations of the city from the airport. Though, hiring a car is the best alternative as it will soothe your back and most importantly, will make your trip free of any hassles. You can roam around in the city via car, exploring several landmarks. On top of this, hiring a car is also effective if you are planning to visit the city outskirts. A day’s trip to the surrounding local villages will give you an amazing experience.

Getting into the City
As stated earlier, the popular way of reaching the city is through the air. From all major European air flights to Kalamata can be obtained. However, there are some other possible gateways also present to reach this city. If you wish to reach the city by car, then it would be a short drive from the famous Greek city, Athens. It would take merely 2 hours to reach the city of Kalamata via car. On the other hand, bus services are also there, which would cost 22 Euros per person (Athens to Kalamata). Opting for bus service is a good option for the budget travelers. You can get cheap services but you have to compromise with your comfort level a bit.

Getting Around Kalamata
The city offers leisurely ambience, along with elegant charm. The best way of exploring the city is by taking a short walk or through bicycles. However, to reach the famous landmarks, which are located at quite far distances, hiring a car or opting for local taxis is the best possible option. There are a lot of shopping centers, located near to the city center of Kalamata. Apart from that a lot of budget and luxurious hotels can also be found, near the city center. Though, if you want a peaceful living, then go for an accommodation, which is at a fair distance from the city center.

You may drive to the southwest of Kalamata towards some nice seaside towns and villages, such as Petalidi, Chrani, Koroni, Foinikounda, Methoni and Pylos.

Or you may drive to the southeast of Kalamata, on the other side of the bay and visit Kardamili, Stoupa, Oitylo, Areopolis, Pyrgos Dirou (Diros Caves) and Gytheio.

Sightseeing Places
There are a lot of important sightseeing places present for the tourists. Here is a list of a few of them:
Saint Apostles Church – A historic church (Byzantine Monument) which was built in the year of 1317 Emperor Andronicus. This is a small church, but very nicely decorated.

St. Apostles Church

Benakeion Archaeological Museum of Kalamata  – The city museum is a must visit place. The museum features Greek antiques and a lot of souvenir of the golden era of Greek history.

Benakeion Archaeological Museum

The most important landmark is the Castle of Kalamata, which is located a little outskirt of the city premise.

The Castle of Kalamata

The coast – All the coast of Kalamata is a long beach with clear waters, awarded the Blue Flag. The are a lot of restaurants, cafe and beach bars for lunch or dinner and drinks in front of the sea.

Kalamata Beach

Kalamata is also known as one of the the best suitable places for the foodies. Enjoy the local delicacies as well as European and continental dishes in the city of Kalamata.

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