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Rent a car in Heraklion and discover the features of history

Heraklion is one of the biggest cities of Greece. It is the administrative unit of Crete and supposed to be close to the ruins of Knossos. It is said that Helaklion was a port of Knossos and all the trade activities about 3000 years ago had been carried out from this city. Inevitably, this place is very ideal for the tourists and rent a car Heraklion services offer you the opportunity to visit each and every part of this glorious city.

Pangosmio Rent A Car, Heraklion

Pangosmio Rent A Car, Heraklion

Needless to say that your tour to Heraklion would begin from airport and for reaching at any hotel or place of your choice, you need to hire a car at Heraklion Airport. No doubt, the rent a car service being offered in this city are of finest class. All the latest car models are used under the experienced and local drivers. You are also guided about the places you intend to visit. Unless you do not avail this opportunity you can never enjoy the winds of Heraklion.

This city is combined with eternal beauty. It is said that the brightness of Sun add beauty at the shores of this place. This place had been occupied by the Ottoman, Byzantine, Romans and many other civilizations. It has excavations of 1600 BC, which speaks which clearly implies that it is one of the oldest cities of Greece. This city turned out to be more appealing when it came under the control of the Venetians. Yes, Venetians build the city, with modern architecture of their time and most of which building are still in existence form. The following historical places of Heraklion are worth visiting:

  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum
  • Historical Museum
  • The Venetian Loggia
  • Koules Venetian Fortress
  • The Natural History Museum of Crete
  • The Palace of Knossos
  • The church of Agia Ekaterini (Saint Catherine) of Sinaites
  • The Municipal Gallery and Basilica of St. Mark
  • The beaches of Heraklion

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is a place where historical items have been preserved.

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

It is one of the greatest museums of Europe. It has preserved excavation of thousands of years. Yes, most of the artifacts are of Minoan civilizations and all of them are preserving in genuine condition. There are preserved of Minoan Jewelry, bronze dagger, the snake goddess, Phaistos findings and many other historical items are displayed.


Phaistos Disc

On the other hand, there is another famous museum of Crete known as a history museum. This museum has preserved excavations of 4 AD, second world wars and El Greco.  All the preserved items in this museum have been categorized year and name wise. This place is also worth visiting for the tourists.

Apart from this, there is existence of Venetian Loggia in the historic buildings of Heraklion.

Venetian Loggia, Heraklion

Since Venetians had started ruling the territory in the early years of the 12th century, all the buildings of the city, had been rebuilt with a modern view of that time. These buildings are showing the prevalence of finest architectural designs in the form of these buildings.

Besides, there is another historic place known as Koules Fortress. This fortress was the maintain entrance to the city during the era of the Venetians and the people of that time named this place as Rocca al Mare in their native language. You may also visit the ancient Knossos Palace of the Minoans.

The Palace of Knossos

These places are known in Greece as classical places. While excavations in the 18th century, this place had been founded and after 35 years continual efforts, they were restored by the team of finest archeologists.

In Heraklion you will find some of the best beaches in Crete, such as Agia Pelagia, Mononaftis, Hersonissos and many more…

A secluded beach in Agia Pelagia

Heraklion is one of the oldest and largest cities in Greece and it is known as the heart of Greece. People love to visit this place for discovering the features of history. If you intend to go visit all above cited places, must hire a car in Heraklion.

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