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Great Deals on car rental in Athens – Places to visit

It is said that if you are coming to visit Greece and do not tour the glorious city of Athens, you have toured nothing. Athens is the capital of Greece which is filled with unmatchable beauties and visiting places. To explore the worth visiting places rent a car Athens is a great means of transportation indeed. It is said that Athens is almost 3400 year old city and supposed to be one of few oldest cities in the world.

Once you get to Athens by flight, you would need to hire car rental Athens Airport services. A rental car offers you the opportunity to discover the hidden features of the city.

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Pangosmio Rent A Car Athens

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Ancient Ruins of Athens City

Athens is the residential place of Plato and Aristotle – the greatest scholars of philosophy. It is a place for learning, touring, reading, roaming, art, and crave of democracy. Yes, the concept of democracy began from this city and now considered to be one of the finest and widely practiced forms of government. In nutshell, this place is the birth place of political dimensions. The following places of this great city are worth visiting:

The Acropolis of Athens and The Acropolis Museum


The National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Syntagma Square

Syntagma (Constitution) Square

The Plaka district

The National Garden

The National Garden

The Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens

The National Library of Athens

National Library of Athens

The Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora under the Acropolis of Athens

The Lycabettus Hill

Lycabettus Hill

The Acropolis is the one of two famous world heritage sites of UNESCO. This is a tiny part of Athens territory which is packed with one of the oldest buildings (Plaka area). Among them, the most famous place is the Temple of Parthenon. It is located at the upper side of the Athens and supposed to be highly visited area. Parthenon had been constructed in the early years of 5th century B.C. and most of the things of that time are still in stable condition.

Monastiraki Square in Plaka

Plaka is the old historical neighborhood of Athens, situated around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis, and incorporating narrow streets and neoclassical architecture buildings. It is known as the “Neighborhood of the Gods” due to its proximity to the Acropolis and its many archaeological sites.

Guards at Syntagma Square

Not only this, there is another worth visiting place known as Syntagma Square of which name had been given by King Otto after declaration of the constitution. This place is located near Acropolis and is called as one of the biggest tourist attractions area in Athens. It lies in front of the Greek Parliament building and several historic streets where most of the travelers used to walk.

For knowledge lovers, there is a place known as Academy of Athens. This Academy had been founded in the early years of 1920s and considered as the epicenter of Research in Greece. This academy comes under the control of Ministry of Education and has been elevated from manual to digital library. You would find all kinds of historic material of Greeks in this academy. It has preserved manuscripts, books, research centers and many other things related to education. The Academy of Athens would help you in discovering the political, constitutional, cultural and administrative significance of the great territory.

Besides, there are plenty of statues of Aristotle, Plato and many other personalities of ancient Greeks. This place is worth visiting in Holidays. The National Garden and museums are highly attractive places for you. If you intend to explore the Greek civilization then you should come to Athens. Museums of Athens would help you in tracing the great Greek history.

This place is undoubtedly best for knowledge lovers. If you happen to come once in your life to Greece, never forget to visit the above cited great attractions. And, to visit these places timely and impressively, you would need to rent a car in Athens.

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