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Rent a Car in Samos and Explore the Birthplace of Pythagoras
Samos is a small Greek Island, famous for being an exclusive tourist spot. The island hosts a lot of activities for the tourists, from mountaineering to enjoying lazy beaches – visitors can get all kinds of fun on this famous Greek Island. If you are planning to visit Samos, always remember that rent a car Samos service must be obtained to enjoy the whole trip without any hassles. Though, local transport is good as local buses are available for the tourists, but if you want bit sophistication as well as bit privacy, hiring a car is the best option.

Vathy (or Vathi), the capital of Samos

The capital city of the island is Vathy (or Vathi). Samos island is located very near to the Turkish mainland. Those who are in search of peace or serenity and want to explore the nature unspoilt, Samos is the most suitable option for them comparing to the other Greek islands. It has an airport, which acts as a major transit point of the city. To get onto this island, one has to catch a plane and reach to the Samos International Airport. There are regular flights from Athens to Samos Airport. From there, a car hire Samos Airport option is available for the tourist for getting transferred to the other major destinations.

How to Reach Samos Island by sea
As it has been stated earlier, Samos can be reached through air. However, if you want a bit different experience then you can opt for ferryboats to reach this island. There are regular itineraries from Piraeus Port (Athens) for reaching this exquisite place, which contains a lot of jovial beaches and a wide mountain range, covered with dense green jungles.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Samos

Pangosmio Rent A Car Samos

To get around or to explore the island, hiring cars or local taxis can be effective. Budget travelers can also opt for the bus services, operated by the tourism department of Samos. To soothe your spine with a bit extra comfort, you can also hire luxurious sedans, SUVs, limousines, etc.

Samos Sight-Seeing

Pythagoras and the Pythagorean Theorem

The capital city of Vathy is also known to the world as the birthplace of Pythagoras, the famous Greek mathematician.

Samos Archaeological Museum

The Samos Archaeological Museum is an important landmark, where one can observe the historic essence of the place.

Samos Paleontological Museum

The Paleontological Museum is located in Mitilini village, right in the middle of the island.

Lykourgos Logothetis Castle

The Lykourgos Logothetis Castle, which is located in Pythagorion, is a building of the 19th Century.

Potami Waterfalls

The Potami Waterfalls is another must-see place in Samos.

Agios Nikolaos in Karlovassi

Apart from that, a lot of churches are there and most of them were constructed during the medieval period. Thus, these churches do not only carry the religious significance, but also carry the essence of medieval architecture.
On the city outskirt, some monasteries can also be found. They are worth to be visited for observing peace and serene ambience.

The Temple of Hera (Heraion)

The Temple of Hera is an important landmark, which is the temple of a famous Greek mythological god, named as Heraion of Samos. The temple is located in the southern region of the city of Vathy. A 6 KM drive from the city center to the southern part of Samos will fetch you at this auspicious place.

Things to Do in Samos
Having your rental car, you may drive all around the island and discover the 3 other main towns, Karlovassi, Pythagorion and Marathokambos as well as some picturesque villages such as Kokkari, Vourliotes and Ambelos.


Samos beaches
Samos beaches are famous for offering different beach activities. Sunbathing and swimming are the common recreational activities that you can perform on the sea beaches. Some of the best beaches in Samos are Megalo Seitani, Mikro Seitani, Potami, Karlovassi, Tsambou, Tsamadou, Lemonakia, Kokkari, Kerveli, Possidonio, Psili Ammos, Pythagorion, Potokaki, Papa beach, Votsalakia, Limnionas.


Apart from that, adventure opportunities are also present. Scuba diving, beach volley or other beach sports, underwater dive, etc. are some of the common beach adventure activities.

Samiopoula Islet

Samiopoula is a small islet with a sandy beach and crystal clear waters, lying south of Samos at a distance of 0.5 nm and it is worth a visit. You may go there by boat from Pythagorion port.

The vast mountain ranges are covered with dense forests, which offer amazing wildlife exploration opportunities. Trekking or hiking on the lap of the mountain ranges is highly recommended. For trekking or hiking, the assistance of a guide must be obtained.
Last but not the least, the food and drinks are the prime attraction of this island. The island is famous for producing sweet wines. The traditional Greek foods are also finger licking!

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