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Rent a Car in Heraklion and visit the attractions
If you wish to visit an amazing city, which combines both the historical culture and the modernity of our lives, then Heraklion should be a good choice for your vacation. It is the administrative capital of Crete and it provides amazing views for any tourist who arrives there. The service of car rental Heraklion airport offers a good choice as long as you wish to visit the city and see most of it during your vacation.
When you rent a car Heraklion becomes more accessible to you and you can benefit from all of the opportunities this city has to offer. It has plenty of landmarks that you would like to see while in the city and it will become easier for you to see more landmarks if you rent a car in Heraklion.

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Pangosmio Car Rental Heraklion Airport

Your tour begins the moment you arrive in Heraklion and you can find a car rental at Heraklion Airport. You can get a comfortable and high-class car, which will take you to any of the landmarks you wish to visit in the city. Heraklion is a wonderful city, which offers its visitors plenty of opportunities to have a great time.

Some of the main landmarks in the city are:
The Minoan Palace of Knossos, which is actually located about 5 km south of Heraklion and presents a legend specific to Crete.
The Venetian Walls
The Koules Fortress, which is the Venetian Castle, situated in the harbor
The Morosini Fountain at Lions Square
The Venetian Loggia, which is a Venetian mansion completed in 1628 and used to be a meeting place for Crete’s nobles. It is considered to be the most elegant monument in Heraklion.
The Bembo Fountain, a wonderful Venetian fountain next to a Turkish monument in Kornarou Square
The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
The Historical Museum of Crete
The Museum of Natural History
The Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, which is dedicated to the most prominent intellectual figure in the modernity of Crete. Nikos Kazantzakis is known across the world for his famous novel, Zorba the Greek.
The St. Minas Cathedral
The Dominican Church of St. Peter

Besides these attractions, you should know that Heraklion also offers wonderful beaches, where you can relax and take advantage of the amazing climate of the area. One of the most popular beaches in the city is the Hersonissos beach, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Hersonissos beach

It offers a wonderful view, with kilometers of sandy beach and palm trees, as well as crystalline azure waters. Ammoudara is another famous beach near Heraklion.

Ammoudara beach

It is only 6 km west of the city and it offers soft golden sand beaches, with crystal-clear waters. Also, the facilities in the area provide the comfort and luxury that every tourist dreams of. And to enhance the time spent there, the area offers plenty of taverns, where you can experience the nightlife of Crete.

While you are in this wonderful place filled with culture and history, you should also enjoy some of the tastiest, traditional food. In order to do so, you can visit any of the restaurants in the city, where you will experience the traditional dinners of Heraklion, in the appropriate environment that will take you to an unforgettable Cretan experience.

You can see all the attractions you wish if you organize your trip wisely. The most important thing that you should do in order to be able to see all the landmarks you wish to, is to rent a car.

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