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Enjoy Crete by Renting a Car
If you are thinking about going on a vacation in Greece, you should definitely choose Crete, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. It offers its visitors a variety of attractions of all kinds and, more than anything, it offers spectacular landscapes that will truly enhance your Greek living experience. Crete is the largest island of Greece, so there is no need to press the fact that you would need to use a car rental Crete service, which allows you to make a car hire Crete.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Corfu Airport

Pangosmio Rent A Car Crete

There are so many things you would probably like to see in Crete, so you will need to plan your vacation accordingly to make sure you know which attractions you prefer seeing. Also, it is important that you make a Car rental in Crete, so that you will be able to follow your own visiting schedule for the attractions you wish to reach on the island. Crete Car hire can help you get the vacation you dreamed of and you planned so carefully.

Crete provides a very large and interesting list of attractions that pleases any of the tourists that get to visit this spectacular island of Greece. One of the things that visitors enjoy is Chania, which is the second biggest city on the island and is situated on the northwest coast of Crete.

The Archaeological Museum of Chania

One of the main attractions in the city is the Archaeological Museum of Chania, which traces the history of this region of Crete even from Neolithic times. The museum is hosted in a 16th century Venetian Church, which makes it even more beautiful and interesting.

Other museums that worth a visit in the city are the Naval Museum, the Venetian Shipyard Museum (Arsenals) and the Byzantine Museum.

The Old Town of Chania is a unique town with narrow streets and picturesque steps and alleys. Here you will find lots of souvenir shops, cafes, tavernas and restaurants.

The Frangokastello

You can experience a fairytale by visiting the Frangokastello, which is a well-preserved Venetian Castle that was built around the 1370s.


The Cretaquarium located near Gournes, (15 km west of Heraklion)  is also one of the main attractions of Crete. It contains over 2500 specimens from over 200 fish species in the Mediterranean. In the Open Sea Exhibit, you can see sharks and sea basses. In the Shore Life Exhibit, there can be admired seahorses, octopuses, lobsters, anemones, and plenty of other species from the Eastern Mediterranean and Greek waters. You can visit the Multipurpose room to see documentaries about the marine ecosystem.

The Historical Museum in Heraklion

The Historical Museum of Crete, in Heraklion, is the place where you are transported back into the history of Crete, by seeing the precious archaeological, historical, and ethnographic material from Crete’s past. The Museum contains four exhibitions based on the chronological phases of Crete: Turkish Rule, Union of Crete with Greece, Years of Interwar, and World War II.

The Vai Beach

Once you are in Crete, you do not want to miss visiting the Vai Beach, which is also known as the Palm Beach, which hosts a huge palm forest. The natural beauty created by this forest makes an impressive landscape.

Agios Nikolaos

Another important attraction of Crete is Agios Nikolaos city, the capital of Lassithi Prefecture, which is located at the east part of Crete.

Crete is a spectacular Greek island, which brings you into the history, and even the mythology of Greece, with historical and archaeological sites that you can enjoy during your vacation. The variety of beaches and amazing landscapes on the island give you the ultimate Greek experience, along with the bars, tavernas, and restaurants specific to the region. You can always enjoy plenty of attractions in Crete, as long as you rent a car to be able to easily go from one destination to another on the island.

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