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It is a dream of everyone that he who should travel to a place where all the beauties be collectively seen. Yes, Athens, Greece is one of those cities which is combined with the beauties of arts, museums, libraries, shores, academies, statues, and life. And for exploring these beauties you need to avail car rental Athens services. It goes without saying that Athens is one of the beautiful cities across the globe and there are hundreds of historic places where most of the people prefer to tour.

Athens International Airport

For discovering the natural beauties of Athens, your tour would begin quickly after landing at Athens Airport. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you should take car hire Athens airport services. Since the company offers rent a car at cheap prices, it would help you in visiting all the historic cities of the noble land.

Pangosmio Car Hire Kalamata

Pangosmio Car Rental Athens, Greece

This place has been considered to be the territory of intellectuals and unless you do not explore it wholly you can never discover the pleasures of life.
Along the slopes of the Acropolis there is an historical region known as “The Plaka” and is one of the oldest neighborhoods of this district. It is located on the northeast to the Acropolis and supposed to be a worthy touring place.

Plaka District

Plaka District

It is literally termed as the neighborhood of the Gods. Though, this place had been known as Kandili but King Otto changed its name to Plaka forever.

Another place that’s worth a visit is the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, which is one of the most important museums in the world and the largest archaeological museum in Greece.

Exhibits at National Archaeological Museum of Athens

This museum preserves all the historic antiques and other historical excavations from Neolithic and New Stone Age (6800-3300 BC) up to 411 BC. It is supposed to be the place from where you can understand the history of Greece. It has been constructed in 1829 and since then it was being maintained. It is said that there are very few museums like this one. It is highly rich in terms of saving the historical material and considered to be one of the largest museums across the globe.

Another must-see museum is the Acropolis Museum. This is a brand new and modern building opened to the public on June 2009.

The Acropolis Museum of Athens

It is an archaeological museum hosting the findings of the Ancient Acropolis of Athens. Great marble sculptures, terracotta statues, pottery and more than 4000 other exhibits from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. Yes, this place is worth visiting indeed.

Places to visit near Athens
Mikrolimano (means “Little Port”) – A picturesque little harbor with restaurants and cafes make you feeling like you are somewhere on a Greek Island…

Mikrolimano by night

Marina Flisvos and Averof Battleship Museum – In just 10 minutes drive from Athens City towards Athens Coast, you will meet the Paleo Faliro suburb, where is the Marina of Flisvos.A nice place for a walk and a coffee.

Flisvos marina

Next to Flisvos Marina is the Averof Battleship. This battleship played a great role in the navy history of Greece between 1911 and 1946 and now it’s a naval museum. There are 3 other historical ships nearby to visit as well.

Averof Battleship Museum

Glyfada and Voula – Two Athens Coast suburbs with lots of Shopping Malls, beaches and cafe-restaurants by the sea.


Lake Vouliagmeni – It’s just a 30 minutes drive from Athens and an excellent place to spend the day. A unique oasis in a beautiful landscape where you may have your swim and your drinks at the cafeteria. There are several restaurants around that offer delicious dishes and a variety of fresh fish.

Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni

Varkiza – Another one seaside suburb of Athens with beautiful beaches and beach bars and restaurants.


Next to Varkiza, you will pass from Saronida and Anavyssos and after 10 km you will arrive at Cape Sounion. This is the place where the ruins of the ancient Greeks have been excavated. In the classical history, it was considered to be called The Temple of Poseidon (God of Sea), constructed in 444-440 BC.

Cape Sounion - Temple of Poseidon

Cape Sounion – The Temple of Poseidon

This place has been surrounded by sea water and worth seeing places. At the time of sunset and sunrises, most of the tourists visit this place to explore the beauty of the sun. It is the place where a number of Athenian kings breathed their last breath.

To visit the above cited attractions and places, we suggest you to get a car rental service in Athens. It would not only provide you a comfortable journey, but also help you in discovering the beauties of Athens, Greece.


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