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Rent A Car in Zante and Explore the Island
Zakynthos or Zante is one of the seven popular Ionian Islands in Greece, which are worldwide famous for being exquisite tourist spots. Zante is a typical Greek Island and the main attraction of this Ionian island is nothing but amazing nightlife and breathtaking beach areas. Those, who want complete leisure for a few days, far from the daily life dramas, can find this island as their dream destination. To secure a completely hassle free visit to Zante Island of Greece, car hire Zante should be an obvious choice to be made.

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Pangosmio Car Hire Zante

This popular Greek Island, has a few landmarks that are worth to be visited. Presently, it is one of the hot spots in Greece and Europe which can contain all kinds of travelers, who are looking for fun, leisure and several recreational activities. The amazing beaches of Zante Island will surely mesmerize your eyes. While beach areas are serene or quite virgin, townships within the island are filled with great rejoicing spirit. The enthusiastic city life, busy nightlife, amazing foods and exotic drinks will give the tourists a memory of a lifetime. To enjoy and explore this small yet beautiful island at the fullest, rent a car Zakynthos should be a wise choice.

Places to visit in Zante
In Zakynthos Town:

Strada Marina

La Strada Marina – A nice walk at the marina of Zante where you will have some pleasant time looking at the yachts.

The Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum – where you will admire wood carving, icons and wall paintings from the 12th up to the 18th centuries.

The Venetian Castle

The Venetian Castle – Built in 1480 and during the Venetian rule, it was the capital of Zante Island. Great views of the city.

Around Zante:

Laganas Beach

Laganas – A sandy beach at the southern part of the island which is also a nesting ground for the longhead sea turtle caretta-caretta.

Navagio Beach

Navagio (Shipwreck) – One of the most photographed beaches in Zante.

The Water Park in Tsilivi

Water Village in Tsilivi – A Water Park with pools, water slides and a restaurant-bar to spend a whole day.

The Monastery of Our Lady the Anafonirtia

Anafonitria – An old monastery constructed in the 14th century during the Venetian occupation of the island.

The Askos Animal Park

Askos Animal Park – Here you will see hundreds of animals living in a natural environment of trees and greenery.

Zante Beaches:
Except Navagio and Laganas, there are many other beaches in Zante that you might visit with your rented car.

Gerakas Beach

Gerakas beach – Located on the southern part of Zante Island.

Keri beach

Keri beach – Also located on the southern part of Zante Island.

Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas – Located on the western part of the island, is a little bay with crystal clear waters.



Marathonisi – A paradise islet with tropical beach and sea caves, located south and inside the Bay of Laganas.

A Guide for the Foodies
If you are a foodie, love to provide different kinds of sizzles to your taste buds, then you would be glad to know that Zakynthos or Zante island of Greece is famous for its amazing foodstuffs in the offering. On this small island, several restaurants are there, which serve countless delicious dishes. There are a lot of typical traditional Greek restaurants, which are generally named as taverns. Greek foods are not quite different from the European dishes, but there is a unique charm or taste that can be observed in traditional Greek foods.


One of the popular traditional Greek dishes is moussaka, which is prepared with meat, potatoes, aubergines, and béchamel.


Some other popular dishes are the lamb kleftiko and the beef stifado. Lambs are beefs are common for almost all traditional dishes on this island. Grilled meats are also highly preferred by the visitors for their exclusive tastes. Grilled beef or lamb meat, along with fine wine would be excellent for your taste buds as well as for your health. Most of the dishes are not spicy, not even oily, but definitely they are tasty.
For the local people of Zante Island, meat can be considered as one of the staple foods. The island has a very little population and the local people of this island completely depend upon tourism sector. There are no prominent industries on this Greek island can be found, except the tourism industry. The lands of this island are not fertile, thus not suitable for heavy agricultural activities. Local people are highly dependent over the imports from the other parts of Europe. This is why the island may seem to be a little costly. Those, who are ready to bear this cost, are assured with endless fun activities in this majestic Ionian island of Greece.

Apart from the traditional Greek dishes, one can also try other European dishes. Italian dishes are well prepared by the local restaurants of Zante Island. All sorts of Italian dishes are available, starting from different blends of pizzas, pasta, etc. When it comes to drinks, fine quality wines must be tried on this island. Apart from that there are plenty of nightclubs and pubs present, which serve exquisite and all kinds of liquors to the visitors.

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