Car Hire Rhodes – Enjoy Holiday Ideas on Rhodes Island

Car hire Rhodes – the ultimate in style and flexibility
Rhodes is a Greek island belonging to the cluster of the Dodecanese Islands, recognized as an exclusive tourist hub, which can be visited at any time of the year. Loads of activities in offering are there for the tourists on Rhodes Island, Greece. You may reach this island through air transfer, opting for a scheduled plane and reaching the Rhodes International Airport, or by sea, with ships and ferries leaving from Piraeus Port (Athens). From the airport, the possible way of getting transferred to the city of Rhodes is going for a car hire Rhodes. One can hire luxury or sedans or comfortable city cars from the airport or alternatively, can opt for the local taxis, which are cheaper but lesser comfortable for obvious reasons.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Corfu Airport

Pangosmio Car Hire Rhodes

Rent a Car Rhodes Airport service is a subject to availability. Thus, it is suggested to all visitors that they should go to advanced car booking before reaching the place. To book a car in advance, one can consult with an experienced travel agent or can also book vehicles of his choice through online reservation. From the airport, the first destination should be the city of Rhodes, which is molded with historic charm, blended with modernity.

The Old City of Rhodes

The city was established in 400 B.C., offers a lot of historical landmarks which the tourists should not miss out. A walk to the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes and to the Palace of the Grand Master of Knights will bring you back to 1400 AC. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Each summer (from the end of May till the end of June – every Saturday and/or Sunday) takes place the Medieval Rose Festival of Rhodes, with happenings, horse riding and medieval music concert. The city museum is one of the best places to visit for exploring the historic charm. On the other hand, travelers can hang around different places nearing the city centers, like – nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

Socratous Garden Cafe Restaurant

The Socratous Garden Cafe-Restaurant is a nice place into greenery, lying close to the Palace of the Grand Master of Knights and it’s suggested if you want to get a break.

Aquarium of Rhodes – Rodos Town

On the northern part of the City of Rhodes is the Aquarium where you may see big fish and several exhibits of strange sea creatures.

Casino Rodos

In the evening, you may visit the Casino Rodos and feel the adrenaline of gambling in an ambient atmosphere.

Things to Do on Rhodes Island
Rhodes Island unleashes a lot of things to be done. There are mountain ranges, deep virgin forests, golden sea beaches and many more things in offering. This article will unveil a checklist for the things to do on the Rhodes Island. Have a look on the following things:

Enjoying the Lazy Beaches
The lazy beaches of Rhodes Island are the prime attractions for the visitors. The beaches are calm, completely away from the hustles and bustles of the urban noises. Clear sea water and white sands of the beach set the perfect tone for rejoicing a few memorable days of life on the beaches of Rhodes Island. Sunbathing is one of the popular activities that one can perform at the sea beaches. Apart from these, some adventure expeditions are there to be relished as well. Scuba Driving, swimming, underwater dive, etc. are the best possible activities.

For those who prefer the action, there is a Water Park in Faliraki, and a Warersports Center in Kiotari.

Hiking and Camping on the Lap of Mountain Ranges
If you love a bit adrenaline rush, want to explore some adventurous activities then enjoy hiking, trekking, camping activities in the mountain ranges of the island. The mountains are covered with dense forests, hosting exclusive and unique wildlife.

Mt. Akramitis, Rhodes

The Mount Akramitis is the highest mountain on the island. The thrilling mountaineering experiences will always keep you rejuvenated for the rest of your life. For hiking and trekking, the assistance of the local guides should be obtained. Local guides are available from the local tour operators’ offices.

Exploring Local Villages
The city of Rhodes is surrounded by a few local villages, which can be accessed through short car drives. These local villages are the best places for getting in touch with the local villagers and exploring their lifestyles and cultural activities. Villagers are friendly, love the tourists and generally greet them with a warm welcome.

Food – Drinks – Shopping
Amazing food is a key factor that can attract several tourists towards this exquisite island. Greek dishes are all about beefs and lambs. They are tasty, easy to digest and exquisite delicacies for the meat lovers. A nice restaurant we suggest is the Masasoura Restaurant, located in Maritsa Village, at a 17 km distance from Rhodes Town.

Masasoura Restaurant Maritsa Village, Rhodes

All the dishes of this restaurant are finger-licking and unique. Local made wines are worth to be tasted and they are available in an affordable price range too. Apart from that, all sorts of liquors are available in the pubs, bars and nightclubs. Late night fun in the city of Rhodes is safe. It is a completely safe haven for the tourists as tourism is the biggest driver of the economy of the place. For shopping there are a few shopping malls available. Local souvenirs can be purchased at very reasonable prices.
Rent A Car in Rhodes and discover the beauties of this island on your own.

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