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Rent a Car in Crete and explore the island
Crete is a perfect destination for an amazing vacation in Greece. It is the largest Greek Island and it is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Crete is one of the main tourist destinations of Greece. The attractions are spread across Crete, so it is obvious you would need to use a car hire Crete offer in order to get to all the main attractions you planned to visit during your vacation.

Pangosmio Car Hire Kalamata

Pangosmio Car Hire Crete

Crete is a very large island, with lots of attractions that are worth visiting, so it is clear that you would need to find a rent a car Crete service to make a car hire in Crete and begin your exploration. Crete is divided into more regions and each of them has its own attractions. You can see as much as you want of the island’s regions and attractions as long as your first thing to do on the list is Rent a car in Crete.

Some of the main attractions that the tourists enjoy visiting on the island are the port of Chania, the Venetian Castle (Fortezza) and the Venetian Old City at Rethymnon, the Samaria Gorge at Chania, the Palm Beach of Vai (at Lassithi), the islands of Elafonisi and Gramvousa (at Chania), Chrysi (Gaidouronisi) at Lassithi.

The first thing that tourists of Crete observe is the spectacular landscapes of the island. Regardless of the region you choose, you will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes created by the nature alone. Whether you see the tall mountains or the impressive sea, the lush valleys or dreamlike beaches, one thing is for sure; you will be amazed by the landscapes of Crete. The breathtaking views of the island will convince you the island is the best choice for a perfect vacation in Greece.

Regarding historic places of interest, you could visit the sites of Ancient Minoan civilization. It is the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, the Palace of Knossos, or the ruins of Phaistos, the Ruins of the Palace of Malia, and Ancient Gortys near Matala (at Heraklion).

The big cities of Crete contain important sites that can be visited, such as archaeological museums, historical museums, and art museums. Of course, tourists are recommended to visit the museums that can be found in big cities, but you need to know that there are small museums worth visiting, which you can find in the small villages across Crete Island.


In Eastern Crete, near Agios Nikolaos, situated in Elounda Bay, you can find the Spinalonga Island, which has once been a Venetian fortress that in 1903 was occupied by the Turkish. Under the Turkish domination, it became a leper colony. It provides one of the main points of interest in Crete.

Besides historical museums and sites, there are a variety of monasteries spread all over Crete. They are all worth visiting, as they provide a unique experience of being taken back in time, in different religious sceneries and times.

The cave of Dikteon in Lassithi

Crete is also rich in regards to caves, as it contains more than 3000 caves. Some of the caves of Crete are famous and attract plenty of tourists every year, while others are not too famous, but still worth visiting.

Crete is an island, so it is obvious that the main attraction that you will enjoy is made of beaches, which on the island range from small to long beaches, with pebble or with soft sands. You can also choose a crowded beach or even a secluded beach.

And as you are in Crete, do not miss visiting the coffee shops (kafeneion), tavernas, and traditional restaurants.

A typical Coffee Shop (Kafeneion) in Crete

Plan your vacation to Crete wisely so that you will be able to see as much as you wish from this amazing island of Greece.

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