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One of the most popular and attractive islands of Greece is Corfu. It has a lot of attractions that draw tourists to it, both the natural attractions and the historical and cultural attractions. You may want to use a Corfu car hire in order to be able to see as many of the island’s attractions as possible. Plenty of wonderful sites are spread across the island and if you wish to see certain attractions, which might be at a certain distance from one another, it would be easier for you to use a car rental Corfu Airport service.

Pangosmio Car Hire Corfu

Pangosmio Car Hire Corfu

You can enjoy all the attractions of Corfu, but in order to be able to see the ones you prefer and to be able to follow your own schedule, you should use a Corfu car rental service, which offers you an affordable, high-class car to allow you get to the places you wish to visit.

Some of the main attractions in matter of archaeological sites are:


Besides these attractions, Corfu provides a list of religious attractions.


One of them is the Church of St. Spyridon, which was built in 1589. It is dedicated to St. Spyridon, who is the Patron Saint of Corfu. Besides relics and icons, the Church also contains the remains of St. Spyridon, which are held in a silver reliquary.
The Byzantine Church of St. Jason and St. Sosipatros was built in the 11th century and is filled with Byzantine art specific to the 11th and 12th centuries.
The Church of the Virgin Antivouniotissa is now the home of the Byzantine Museum. The Monastery of the Virgin Mary was built in the 13th century and nowadays it hosts a small museum where it exhibits Byzantine and ecclesiastical art. Also in the museum is an exposed skeleton of a whale.

Corfu is an amazing island, where history and culture are depicted by buildings and architectural sites, but they can also be seen in the museums of Corfu. The list of museums in Corfu is rich enough to satisfy all the museum lovers. One of the most important on the list is The Archaeological Museum, which contains impressive exhibits originating from different excavations of ancient sites.
The Museum of Ceramic Art is a museum where are exhibited different ceramic objects representative for Corfu Island.

The Ionian Bank Museum

The Ionian Bank Museum

The Ionian Bank Museum of Banknotes is one of the few museums of this kind in the world. It presents collections of banknotes issued from 1839 to 1920, post-war banknotes from foreign countries, a banknote from China, which was issued in 1300 AD, documents, photographs, seals, coins and stamps.

Other Museums in Corfu are:
The Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu
The Historical Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu
The Museum of Asian Art
The Solomos Museum
The Serbian Museum
The Sea Shell Museum

Visiting attractions is not the only thing you can do in Corfu, as you would also like to eat, drink and have fun. You can do all these, as you will find traditional restaurants, cafés and clubs in Corfu. Be sure you eat the tasty food specific to this area.
Always remember that you will easily be able to visit all the places you wish to and move from an attraction to another if you use a service of Car hire in Corfu.

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