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Awesome Car Hire in Athens and worth visiting places of the city
Few people wish to visit places of education and a few wish to see a place packed with mountain, but Athens offers you all the beautiful attractions together. Athens is one of the finest cities of Greece. Being its capital and epicenter of knowledge, this city is grossly visited by the tourists. Since, all the attractive places are scattered around the city, you need to get Car Hire Athens services in order to smoothly travel in the city.
Your tour of this great city would begin from the airport and for reaching at your designated place, you need to Rent a car at Athens Airport.

Pangosmio Rent A Car Athens

Pangosmio Rent A Car Athens

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The modern Athens, is highly attractive to its tourists. And there are plenty of modern buildings and places where you would love to go. Among them, the most attractive one is  the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

It is a sloped stone of the Acropolis, which depicting the height of architecture. Estimated that it was constructed in 161 AD and was a place of listening live music with a capacity of more than 5000 people.

Apart from this, there is the Theatre of Dionysus, where yearly  programs in the honor of Greek God were being conducted. This place is considered to be the oldest and one of the most preserved areas of Athens.

The Theatre of Dionysus

On the other hand, there is Panathenaic Stadium, which has the honor of the conducting first Olympics games in the 1896.

The Panathenaic Stadium

This stadium is quite old and mostly Athenian athletes used to practice on the ground prior to taking part in the Olympic Games. This historic stadium has a big capacity of spectators and considered to be opened in 566 BC.

It goes without saying that the future of Greece is being decided in this city. Yes, the Hellenic Parliament exists in this city and it is grossly known as the supreme institution in the country.

The Greek Parliament

This place lies in the old Royal place, in Syntagma Square and all the democratically elected people used to discuss the parliamentary issues in this building. This place is also eye catching. Just in front of the Greek Parliament is the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, where you may see the attraction when it’s time to change the guards.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

And when it comes to shopping, Monastiraki (Athens Flea Market) is the best place for you. It is the flea market of Athens and considered to be very fair in terms of prices.

Monastiraki Athens Flea Market

There are plenty of shops for your shopping. It is the best place for buying clothes, suits, shoes and specialty stores. You can even find historical coins of the Greeks in the city which are available for all and sundry. This place is worth visiting for tourists and has been remained the biggest attraction to travelers.

But if you intend to go to a big market, then The Mall Athens (in Maroussi) is the ideal location for you.

The Mall Athens

It is the most modern place where everything you intend can be purchased.

There is also The National Gallery of Athens, where the history of Greece can be seen in a pictorial form.

The National Gallery of Athens

There are many new and old paintings of Greek Artists, from which you can understand the height of the intellectuality of the Greeks. There are also exhibits of famous artists from the Renaissance, like El Greco, Tiepolo, Veneziano and more other.

Mountain Escape

Parnitha is the highest of the mountains that surround the Attica basin. The highest peak is the Karavola (1,413 m). It is just 30 km from Athens city center and is an ideal getaway in nature.


Mount Parnitha

The most of the mountain (90%) is covered with fir trees (Abies cephalonica), while the regional area covered mostly by high pine forests (Pinus halepensis).
At the foothills of the mountain there are taverns where you can enjoy your lunch food with delicious lamb chops on charcoal and other delicious appetizers.

Also, a place you must visit is the Lake Beletsi located in Hippocrateios Politeia (at the foothills of Parnitha).

Lake Mpeletsi

There are two mountain refuges, the Mpafi and Flambouri, which offer delicious hot food at very low prices.

Mpafi and Flambouri

Mpafi and Flambouri

At the top there is the Casino of Parnitha (known as The Mont Parnes), which can be reached by car or via cable car (teleferik) for free.

Casino Mont Parnes and Teleferik

Casino Mont Parnes and Teleferik

Entrance to the casino is 8 euros and you should have with you your identity card or passport (you must be over 21 to enter). It is not necessary to play at the casino – you may just enjoy your coffee, drink or ice cream in the cafeteria, enjoying lovely views.

Athens is the very best place to visit and considered to be one of the greatest attractions for tourists. Thousands of people visit this city with regard to explore the glorious history of Greece. Hence, for seeing the above cited worth visiting places, it is suggested to rent a car for timely reaching on all sites.

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